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After several years without having any litters my mom welcomed a litter of black and red tris on 3/14/2017 5 girls and 4 boys. Kelsey and I were blessed with a litter of 7 on 4/15/2017 2 black tri boys, 2 black tri girls, 2 red merle girls and 1 blue merle girl. We do have puppies available in both litters.  

Litter Born 4/15/2017 residing with Katrina and Kelsey. Please contact Katrina at
775-338-3096 or by e-mail


Cameo was bred to AKC Ch EN


Seven puppies were born April 15 2017.  Five girls and two boys.

Cameo with litter on day 1

Black tri female "Dot" only available puppy left.

Dot 3 weeks available

Dot at 10 weeks of age.



Blue merle female "Tanzanite" Reserved

Tanzy 3 weeks

Black tri female "Pearl" reserved

Pearl 3 weeks

Red merle female "Carnelian" reserved

Lilly 3 weeks

Black tri male "Copper" reserved

Copper 3 weeks

Red merle female "Amber" reserved

Amber 3 weeks

Black tri male "Beryl" reserved.

Beryl 3 weeks

Litter # 2  born 3/14/2017 resides with Sherry.  4 Black tri girls 1 red tri girl, three black tri boys and 1 red tri boy.  Please contact Sherry for this litter at 775-327-4458 during the day.  AKC registered. One black tri female still available from this litter. 


Our puppies are kept with their siblings until 10 weeks of age. We find they become better, well adjusted adults when kept with their litter mates for longer than 6 to 8 weeks. They learn valuable lessons from each other, in this 10 week period, that will enhance their temperament, and overall well-being as an adult.

Patty's one and only litter 2001
Lacy, Sid, and Nike

Starting at about three weeks of age they are started on their first food. A ground dog food and goats milk gruel. As they get older they are fed less milk and more soaked dog food until they are eating what the adults eat. By the time they are six weeks of age they will have ridden in the car several brief times and will have been exposed to a harness. Socialization is extensive with exposure to different surfaces, stimuli, and people. We highly recommend continueing this socialization in a puppy class after getting your puppy. If the puppy for any reason does not work out we are to be notified and the puppy/dog is to return to us for placement.

The puppies emerging immune system will not be mature until at least 4 months of age. Maternal antibodies passed from mom will help protect them for the first several months and interfere with the effectiveness of vaccines. Gentle exposure to the environment and its resident germs will further help them develop their immune system for natural protection. Combination Vaccines have a very detrimental effect on this fragile immune system because the exposure is not a natural route that viruses usually enter the body and so many different types overwhelm the developing immune system. We do not recommend Combination vaccinations. Single parvo and distemper vaccines separated by several weeks following Dr. Dodds vaccine protocol of core vaccines is a better protocol to follow. If you would like further information on our vaccine philosophy feel free to contact us.

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Katrina Anderson and Sherry Roach of Crystal Peaks AustralianShepherds located in Reno, Nevada.

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Phone Number for Sherry Roach Work (775) 327-4458
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Phone Number for Katrina Anderson home (775) 338-3096