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Do you currently have or had an Australian Shepherd?
How many dogs do you currently have?
Do you have a fenced yard at least 5' tall?
Do you Rent or own?
Are your dogs in the house as a part of the family or primarily outdoors?
Do you have children? If so what are the ages?
What are you looking for in a puppy? Pet, performance, show, or breeding?
Are you interested in learning more about natural rearing?
Have you ever had to give up a dog? If yes why? How? Contacting breeder, placing add in paper, contacting a breed rescue, or reliquishing to animal control?
How would you classify you or your family? Quiet and like to stay at home, active in the outdoors, social like to travel a lot?
Australian Shepherds require grooming at least four times per year. Are you willing to take to the groomer or put the time and effort yourself to ensure the animal's coat remains mat free?
Do you have a good working relationship with a Vet? If no why not?
Aussies require a lot of socialiation and structure training their first year. Do you have the time, money and inclination to complete a obedience training session and ensure adequate socialization to other people, children, and dogs?
At a later time if needed are you willing to provide three references that are knowledgeable about your pet keeping practices?
I like to stay in contact with my puppies. Are you willing to maintain that contact, and provide pictures routinely through out life?
It is important to my breeding program to know what health issues any dogs I breed have in their lifetime. Are you willing to contact me and let me know of any health issues that may crop up?
E-mail address or contact number.

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Katrina Anderson and Sherry Roach of Crystal Peaks AustralianShepherds located in Reno, Nevada.

Website Address: http://tuxedoaussies.tripod.com/
E-mail address: tuxedoaussies@yahoo.com
Phone Number for Sherry Roach Work (775) 327-4458
Home (775)673-1923
Phone Number for Katrina Anderson home (775) 338-3096