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Crystal Peaks Coral Justice


Red Tri Female - Born September 20, 2007

Eyes CERF Clear - 11/2007


ASCA/UKC Ch Mandolyns Shake And Jake RS-N JS-N JS-N-OP CD CGC RN RA HCT-1 FD FDX FDCH-S FDCH-G FDCH DNA-VP (AKC major pointed)
Red C/W AS-19824G24M-PI F=7.06%
E123518 DN01220007

AKC/ASCA Ch Solitaire Ragtime Rendition NA NAJ ROMX-1
Black C/W RF AS-14354G37M-T F=10.08%
E88798 DL68667101

Ch Penn Y Caeraus Clever Endeavor CD CDX
E51711 DL40730001

Ch Gefions Knight In Shinen Armor

Tres Joles Miranda

Cleopatra Pintura

Lakesprings Never Look Back

Uno Surprise De Pintura

Roanoaks Irish Creme STDcds RS-N RS-O GS-N  GS-O JS-N JS-O NA NAJ OA OAJ ROMX-1 DNA-VP
Red Merle C/W AS-12569G32F-T F=4.30%
E80790 DL62402805

WTCH Crown Point Crimson Tide PATDcs RTDcs DNA-CP
E49383 DL50593002

Crown Point Kemo Sabe

Crown Point Kk Khyan

Charismas Red Hot Skye CD STDc OTDs ATDd DNA-CP
E62847 DL49773306

Ch Batehams Mickey Mantle DNA-CP

Charismas Red Hot

UKC CH Crystal Peaks Lacy Citrine NA, NAJ, CGC, RN, RA, EAC, ECC, OJC, TN-E, TG-E, WV-N, RS-E, GS-E, JS-O, CL3-R, CL3-H, CL3-F, CL2-S
Black C/W RF AS-19663G28F-PI F=14.89%

Baysides High Plains Drifter NA-P, NAJ-P, OA-P, OAJ-P, CGC, EAC-V, EGC-V, EJC-V, TN-O, TG-O, WV-N, RV-E, GV-E, JV-E, GSJ-N, CL1-R, CL1-S, CL1-F
Red C/W AS-18140G54M-PI F=11.84%
E98990 DL75898204

AKC/ASCA Ch Sure To Be Famous of Tres Rios CD DNA-CP
E46726 DL43905801

Famous Amos of Tres Rios

Ch Brigadoons Dressed In Velvet CD

Summertimes Blue Gem

HOF AKC/ASCA Ch Summertime Showdown of Oldwest DNA-CP

Ch Somercrests Shining Finale

Bright Eyes Apache Tear  NA NAJ, OA OAJ  EAJ CGC 0-EAC O-ECC 0-EJC TN-E TG-E WV-N RS-E GS-E JS-E CL4-R CL4-H CL4-F CL3-S
Black C/W AS-16267F30F-PI F=14.69%
E117446 DL78464306

AKC/ASCA/CKC Ch Badgerlands Beauregard CD
E59529 DL44440907

Ch T Bar Ks Trademark

Ch Aristocrat Delightful Design STDcs CDX

Lady Regina Love D'shadbriar

AKC/ASCA Ch Brutus of Kasan DNA-CP

Lady Alchemy D'shadbriar

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Katrina Anderson and Sherry Roach of Crystal Peaks AustralianShepherds located in Reno, Nevada.

Website Address: http://tuxedoaussies.tripod.com/
E-mail address: tuxedoaussies@yahoo.com
Phone Number for Sherry Roach Work (775) 327-4458
Home (775)673-1923
Phone Number for Katrina Anderson home (775) 338-3096